What to expect from Apple’s September 12th special event

September 9, 2017 10:57 am

“Apple’s annual September product event is happening Tuesday, and all signs point to it being huge,” Valentina Palladino writes for Ars Technica

“First, it’ll be the inaugural event for the Steve Jobs Theater on the new Apple campus,” Palladino writes. “Second, the company is expected to release three new iPhones, which is a change from recent norms. Third and most importantly, the iPhone 8 will be the showstopper of the event,” Valentina Palladino writes for Ars Technica. “It’s expected to look very different from any iPhones that came before it, it’ll sport a bunch of new features never seen before on an Apple handset, and it’ll probably be expensive, too.”

“New iPhones aren’t the only announcements to come on Tuesday: we’ll likely see a new Apple TV and an updated Apple Watch,” Palladino writes. “After the announcements made at Apple’s WorldWide Developers Conference in June, we will also hear about forthcoming software releases. But make no mistake: this is primarily an iPhone event, and it might be the biggest one since the device debuted in 2007.”